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Fledge of Bea & Jay - February 14, 201112129 views
Hummer Overboard - February 11, 20111641 viewsBea and Jay take turns going overboard a few minutes apart.
Feeding Bea and Jay - January 29, 20111518 views
Hummingbird Chick Hatching - January 18, 20113541 viewsIn the video, the chick has already formed a pip in the egg. It is hidden, pressed against the closest egg to the left. With sun shining on the egg, you can see our valiant hero struggling inside the shell to widen the hole it has started. You can see the hole crack open at about the 2:00 minute mark and the crack spreading around to the far side until Phoebe returns. She sits protectively on the egg for 15 minutes before revealing the hatched chick at about 3:30.
Phoebe Serenading the camera6409 viewsPhoebe being unusually vocal. After nestorations and checking on the eggs she lets loose with a rebel yell.
Phoebe laying eggs January 1 and 4th, 2011 1831 viewsVideo of both eggs being laid. The first half is the egg laid on January 1, followed by the 2nd egg laid on January 4, 2011.
Sneak Attack (Dec. 27, 2010) 417 viewsA sneak attack on our precious Phoebe by the coward Hummer de'Ville.
Phoebe on KABC Los Angeles - May 14, 2010658 viewsI finally transferred the tape to my computer. All the teasers plus the segment. Too bad they didn't use much of the video they took. There were some good feeding clips.
Nest Construction April 2010 931 viewsApril 19 - 25
Phoebe building her nest and laying eggs.
Just playing around with the vast amount of video I have. More to come.
[updated to add April 19 to beginning]
Hummingbird Defending Eggs From Lizard - March 16, 20101340 viewsPhoebe bravely defends her eggs from a California Alligator Lizard. She then returns and removes a nonviable egg from the nest.
First 11 Days - March 20091236 views
A Day in the Life Feb.13, 2008534 views
Oooops!1740 views
Feeding - March 3, 2008408 views
Chick Stretching Wings1614 views
Rescued Hummingbirds Release536 views
Defending her nest - March21, 20081224 viewsPhoebe defending her nest from a lizard.
Slideshow of the 25 days from egg to fledge521 viewsSlideshow of the 25 days from egg to fledgling.
Phoebe harassing Jade and Julep - Dec. 4, 2009462 viewsPhoebe trying to get Jade and Julep to fly but they just think she's trying to feed them.
Phoebe Laying Egg - Jan. 4, 2010595 viewsPhoebe laying 2nd egg.
Egg pops out at 00:54.
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